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Ditto History Logs are found throughout Ditto as Dittopedias. There are 52 total which are saved at the Hall of Swords throughout runs. These Logs expand on the lore of the game and once all 52 are found, they will no longer be found in future playthroughs.

Dittopedias can be found in numerous ways:

  • Chests in dungeons
  • Quest rewards
  • Crates opened by Arfur

Play and Arcadia[edit | edit source]

(from A Reulian in Arcadia, published CY 152)

As the first year of my travels across this most alien of countries nears its end, I find myself searching for some kind of lesson: some kind of distillation of the experience thus far.

The biggest culture shock to a Reulian worldview, of course, is the Arcadian preoccupation with play and competition. We all expect children to play as their means of discovering the world, but Arcadians never lose this spirit, even as they become adults. They play every day: be it sports, family games, intellectual sparring in forensics, or the communal, interactive experiences they call theatre. All of it could be said to have little consequence, and yet it occupies so much of their lives.

Play and Arcadia II[edit | edit source]

(from a Reulian in Arcadia, published CY 152)

One thing that has become clearer as my travels continue is that, despite the Arcadian obsession with play, competitiveness remains extremely low. Cooperative games are of course popular, but even when sparring competitively, one gets the sense that all rivalries dissolve the second the game finishes.

Competitiveness is something to be felt in the heat of the moment -- a force to propel oneself forward towards victory -- but isn't allowed to spill over into resentment, anger, or any long-term emotions that persist beyond the current encounter. Despite the popularity of sports in Arcadia, there are no league competitions -- in many cases there aren't even any fixed teams. A die-hard Reulia Championship fan such as myself could never understand this wrinkle.

Arcadian Imperialism[edit | edit source]

(from a Reulian in Arcadia, published CY 152)

One thing I have often found hard to reconcile is how a society so preoccupied with fun and play can also be so aggressively imperialist.

Arcadians are taught not to let resentment and frustration fester after their games; that all competitive feelings should end when the match does. And yet they hold an intense nationalistic pride -- one which led to their subjugation of Tritya at the turn of the century, and is fuelling the current dispute on the Celaran border.

And yet I wonder -- could the nationalism stem from play somehow? Although the suppression of resentment might seem noble, human beings cannot simply be conditioned not to feel things. Thus, if that competitive spirit cannot be directed at their brethren, perhaps it finds an acceptable home in feelings towards those OUTSIDE Arcadian society?

The Toys of Legend[edit | edit source]

Originally a custom in old Arcadia, the idea of the Toys of Legend has now spread across the glove in step with their Empire. It is believed that their utilization in education had multiple objectives: to encourage children to problem solve in creative ways, to increase their hand-eye coordination, to develop physical strength, and -- perhaps most importantly -- to embed the Arcadian ethos of socialization through play.

There are four Toys of Legend that are considered the 'Core' Toys of Legend: the Laser Ring, the Frisbee, the Golf Club, and the Drone. There are numerous other Toys that are sometimes considered Toys of Legend, which tend to vary from territory to territory, but only the aforementioned four are consistent across the empire.

The Origin of the Trials[edit | edit source]

The first recorded reference to 'trials' (as an activity, at least) can be found in an ancient text dating back to CY 22. It was a custom amongst many communities in Tritya that, when a person came of age, they would undergo an informal trial -- usually involving hunting or tests of physical strength -- to officially mark their passage into adulthood.

After Tritya was invaded by Arcadia in CY 104, the Arcadians took the custom on board for themselves, but adapted them to fit their more playful style by utilizing the Toys of Legend. While they officially marked a coming of age, there was little pressure involved with them -- no real consequence would come of failing, and anyone could retry as many times as they wished.

Of Gods and Goddesses: Fate[edit | edit source]

Sometimes called a weaver of threads, Fate is a deity linked to the most elusive and frustrating concept for any mortal: destiny.

Originally one of the major deities of the Dittoan native culture, Fate became integrated into the wider Arcadian Circle of Gods when the territory joined the Arcadian Empire in the 10th Century. Fate was one of the more visible gods in the Circle, often appearing and interacting directly with people in the form of a fox-human male hybrid. Indeed, it might not be unfair to say that They rather appreciated the celebrity, often posing for famous sculptors and reveling in the attention.

Since integration with the Arcadian Circle, however, appearances have become less frequent and have seen Fate with a more dour demeanor. What happened to cause this shift -- if anything -- remains unclear.

Philosophy of Fate[edit | edit source]

Indeed, perhaps the most difficult of all deities to reconcile is Fate.

Fate's very existence raises more questions than it answers: if all is predestined, is there any meaning even to Fate's actions? Are They simply carrying out their pre-written script? Can any ad-hoc interaction with Them have any effect? Or do They determine our destiny on the fly, Their hands on the loom of creation at all times?

All attempts to ask Them this question directly has always been met with a sly wink and a not. Apparently, it is not for us mortals to know.

Of Gods and Goddesses: Serendipity[edit | edit source]

The counterpart to Fate, Serendipity is the Dittoan goddess of good -- and often unexpected -- fortune. They are described in the older fables as taking the form of a whale. Although this appears odd now, in ancient Dittoan fishing communities whales were seen as creatures that brought great luck; to see one was a portent of good fortune to come.

Serendipity was not granted passage into the Arcadian Circle when Ditto joined the Empire, perhaps due to Them being a more elusive presence than Fate. As such, They are not an official deity within the Arcadian faith.

Very few verifiable eyewitness accounts exist. Indeed, most references are to be found in older texts that prioritized fantasy over mundane reality -- but many still nonetheless believe in Their existence. Modern sightings of Serendipity usually reference a female with long, wavy blonde hair, usually glimpsed in the periphery of a catastrophe or incident that -- almost miraculously -- resolves with no loss of life.

Of Gods and Goddesses: Serendipity (Addendum)[edit | edit source]

Addendum for the 18th Edition:

Since the ascension of Fate to the Seat of the Empire, there has not been a single reported sighting of Serendipity -- or indeed the rest of the circle.

Origins of Ether[edit | edit source]

The first reference to the term 'Ether' can be found in Eremicus Edict, the famous Reulian text written by Eremicus in Common Year 14. However, experts suspect that Etherweavers themselves have existed since the dawn of humanity.

Cave paintings in the Dorsun Pass region of Stalaco, dated to CY -42, show what some experts believe to be individuals manipulating Ether to uproot trees and swell a river -- although others believe this to be a depiction of a natural disaster said to have struck the region some years prior.

Ether, Force of Life[edit | edit source]

Though Etherweavers are feared and shunned in modern society, some ancient texts refer to Etherweavers as having healing powers. We all know that blood flows through our veins, but what if blood is not the only thing? what if Ether also flows within us, invisible to the naked eye; as a spiritual parallel to our mortal blood? Perhaps as blood flows to nourish our muscles, so too does Ether flow to nourish our spiritual self?

Ether, Force of Life (II)[edit | edit source]

...there is some evidence that using these 'spells' may actually diminish the body's Ether reserves. Although most Etherweavers on record have died early due to accidents, or been hunted by outside forces, there is one account of a note found in the Stalacan Scrolls.

A villager writes of an encounter with an Etherweaver who had been known to the locals since her birth 20 years previously. However, she is described as having the appearance of an old hag, withered and hunched. Is this an exaggeration? An example of early misogyny towards a woman with power? Or could it be that extended use of Ether exhausted her internal supply and led to premature aging?

Be Vigilant: Ether Syndrome[edit | edit source]

The period following the birth of a child is a testing, taxing, but rewarding time, as you begin to bond with the new addition to your family.

However, as you interact with your child, there are things to watch out for that could indicate that your child has been born with Ether Syndrome. Ether Syndrome affects roughly 1 in 300,000 births. That means it's rare -- but given the danger it could pose to both the child and your family, it's imperative that you keep on your guard.

Be Vigilant: Ether Syndrome (II)[edit | edit source]

Symptoms of Ether Syndrome include: abnormally fast speech development, burn marks on bedding (especially after the child is agitated), birthmarks on the collar bone, and general ultra-sensitivity to stimulae.

Every year, numerous people are hurt or injured by spontaneous Ether outbursts from untreated Ether Syndrome sufferers. In the interest of their safety -- and yours -- it is vital that you report any suspicions to your health practitioner so that the appropriate tests and treatment can be offered.

Only with your support can we minimize Ether Syndrome fatalities.

EXPOSE: Inside Ether Containment (Part 1)[edit | edit source]

When was it we forgot about Etherweavers?

When the High Bureau issued the Ether Containment Act of CY 955, the national conversation could not have been more dominated by talk of Etherweavers. After the Insugan Mall disaster resulted in the death of hundreds of innocent civilians, the voice of the general public was united calling for the rounding up of Etherweaers.

Under the Ether Containment Act, it became illegal to knowingly house a Etherweaver, and all Etherweavers had to be handed over to the Government for registration and containment. Despite the cries of families forced to hand over their children -- even those who had no issues containing their powers -- the overwhelming tide of public opinion saw the Act enforced to full effect.

EXPOSE: Inside Ether Containment (Part 2)[edit | edit source]

And so Etherweavers -- now isolated from the public -- faded from our everyday lives, and we began to forget. What about all the babies that continued to be born with Ether Syndrome? We spoke to one parent under condition of anonymity, who revealed they were encouraged not to speak up about their 'stolen' children -- initially with money, and later with threats of violence.

Ether Containment[edit | edit source]

The footage -- smuggled to families of Ether by an anonymous source -- shows that the Etherweavers are kept in solitary confinement for most of the day, but are allowed to socialize at meal times. They regularly undergo tests and experiments to measure their powers -- and given that the Ether Containment Facilities are under control of the Imperial Special Projects Division, to no doubt contribute towards research.

Indeed, it's no secret that the rapid developments in battery capacity over the past decade have been thanks to utilizing a much-diluted form of Ether -- a breakthrough that likely originated from these very facilities.

Ditto and the Arcadians[edit | edit source]

Ditto was the last territory to be acquired by the Arcadians, largely due to its isolated location off the western coast of the Great Continent.

In the late CY 990s, the Arcadian Empire started sniffing around the island of Ditto, sending a few scouting groups -- all of which were quickly defeated by the islanders, who were -- given their location -- keen sailors. With all previous wars being fought on solid ground, Arcadia had little in terms of a naval fleet, but began assembling one in secret. By the end of the CY 990s, it had amassed a fleet in the West Coast port of Knopemouth, and war seemed inevitable.

But it was not to be. In CY 1001, an envoy was dispatched from Ditto to the Arcadian capital with an offer of a peaceful surrender of the territory. In return for their integration into the Empire, Ditto sought resources as it struggled to maintain its growing population. Arcadia agreed, further extending an olive branch by allowing Ditto's chief deity, Fate, integration into the Arcadian Circle.

Message in the Stars[edit | edit source]

My dear Serendipity,

I can't help but wonder -- did you know all along? What would happen to me? To us?

This realm is different without you. If only I'd known... if only I didn't have this one blind spot...

And so I write a message in the stars, hoping that we will share the same sky again one day.

~Your Fate

Arcadian Courier (CXVI)[edit | edit source]


Emperor Degero worried about the future?

Chatter exploded amongst the Arcadian elite last week as Fate was spotted leaving Esthalm Castle, where Emperor Degero IV typically spends his summers. And, according to several Palace insiders, the Arcadian Courier can confirm that the Emperor was indeed in residence -- and their meeting lasted several hours. Could it be that His Excellency is concerned about the immediate future, and was attempting to seek advice -- or even to influence events?!

It was the first public sighting of Fate for almost eight months. The deity, who once frequented these pages, has been leading an increasingly private life recently.

The Meeting[edit | edit source]

(excerpt from Emperor Degero IV's diaries)

I will admit to knowing little about Fate before we assimilated Ditto. But upon hearing of Their existence, I became fascinated, and insisted that They join our Arcadian circle of deities. I extended an invitation to meet umpteen times, each time to no avail. Imagine my surprise when the latest -- possibly the seventh or eighth such invitation -- was accepted.


It seems as if there is something They want from me. They claim to be afflicted by some sort of malady since ascending to the Circle -- an overwhelming cacophony of voices. It seems that being the arbiter of destiny for such a large empire is beyond Their endurance. I struggled to contain my incredulity -- after all, I, a mere mortal, have done similar for my entire life 00 but the sincerity with which They spoke left little doubt in my heart that it was true.

In any case, what they require from me is something I have no reason to deny. They want to enact a law, so that they can escape their duty and find restful slumber again. And, in return, I will come to know certain things normally deemed beyond the ken of mortals.

Fate & Degero IV[edit | edit source]

A source close to the Upper House tells me that Fate had indeed been spending more time with His Excellency, and has in recent months been acting as an unofficial advisor. Exactly what They are advising on seems to be a closely-guarded secret, even behind closed doors.

Personally, it's a strange pairing -- two recent introverts coming together to... be introverted together? Degero IV's health has been on the wane, and Fate seems to have but Their old lifestyle behind Them to shrink from the public eye. My guess? Degero is on his way out -- and wants some kind of knowledge about exactly how it's going to go down. But if the rest of us mortals don't get to find out, can exceptions be made for the Emperor?

In Memoriam: Degero IV[edit | edit source]

Issued: September 21st, 1021.

The Imperial Upper and Lower Houses regretfully announce the death of His Excellency Emperor Astoria Degero IV, who passed peacefully in his sleep during the early hours of the morning.

In line with His Excellency's final wishes, and in lieu of descendants to whom the throne may be passed, the Seat of the Empire shall temporarily be filled by Fate until the Upper House can select a new Emperor.

Their Holiness, Fate[edit | edit source]

The Imperial Upper House today voted unanimously to enshrine Their Holiness Fate as the new leader of the Arcadian Empire, just three days after Their Holiness took on the role temporarily.

In an unprecedented display, the Hose -- which is normally divided on even the most trivial of issues -- spoke as one to espouse the benefits that installing Their Holiness in the Seat of the Empire could bring. Their Holiness briefly appeared at the subsequent press conference to accept the role officially but, in a departure for convention, chose not to five a speech or address the gathered press corps.

Fate's Secrecy[edit | edit source]

When Fate took permanent place in the Seat of the Empire, many believed it would mark the end of Their period of self-isolation. But in the weeks and months since the declaration, Their Holiness hasn't been seen in public even once.

The Arcadian Courier spoke to sources inside the Imperial House, who were certain that Fate was indeed present -- but simply stays within Their chamber communicating with staff only when necessary.

We asked the Imperial House's Chief Secretary for comment, who laughed off the suggestion. 'Fate is meeting with people on a daily basis -- both advisors and representatives of the Upper and Lower Houses -- and is in the middle of drafting an overhaul of Arcadian social structure, using Their unique position has both a god and an outsider of our Fair Empire. We expect to release these planned amendments in the coming weeks.'

Decree EV/1022[edit | edit source]

Dearest Citizens of the Empire,

I write to you today to outline a sweeping set of changes to Arcadian society, which will act to ensure your future prosperity and create a fairer society for you and your families.

The new systems builds on the traditional Arcadian 'Trials,' extending them into a comprehensive suite of tests to measure a person's potential. Everyone will participate in the Trials on their 16th birthday, the results of which will determine their 'Grade.' Your Grade will determine where you live, where you work, and more. Your Grade will determine where you shop, with goods priced at a constant proportion of your standardized wage to ensure fairness across all Grades.

[...] By working together, we can create a fair and balanced society where skill and ability is valued above hereditary class and nepotism.

Trials: The FAQ (I)[edit | edit source]

Now that your 15th birthday has passed, you'll doubtless be looking ahead to your Trials next year. We've put together this helpful FAQ that should answer any lingering questions that you might have. If your question isn't answered, please consult your form tutor who will have access to further information.

When do I have to undergo my Trials?

Following the Fate Decree EV/1022, everyone must participate in the Trials on the day of their 16th birthday. Exceptions will only be granted to this rule in extreme circumstances. If you think you will be unable to undertake the Trials on your birthday, please consult the Ministry of Trials as soon as possible.

Trials: The FAQ (II)[edit | edit source]

Where do the Trials take place?

All Trials are conducted at our purpose-built facility on the island of Ditto. Free transportation and accommodation for you and two family members will be provided, and you'll have time to sample the beautiful resort facilities. Think of it as a holiday!

How many Trials do I have to undertake?

You will participate in five different Trials, all of which will take place on the same day. Depending on your skill level, each test could take anywhere between ten minutes and one hour, but most complete them within around thirty minutes.

Trials: The FAQ (III)[edit | edit source]

What is tested in the Trials?

Each Trial tests your proficiency with one of the Toys of Legend, as well as determining your cognitive, spatial and physical capabilities.

Can I train for the Trials in advance?

Yes. In addition to the limited tuition you will have received in school, each Grade District contains a Trial Training Centre which you can access free of charge for the year before your trials. Your membership credentials and information on a guided tour should arrive within the next 14 days. In addition, licensed private tutors can be engaged at any time. Please contact the Ministry of Trials for a list of accredited tutors available to your Grade.

Trials: The FAQ (IV)[edit | edit source]

Why do I have to undergo the Trials?

Their Holiness Fate and the Upper and Lower Houses are all committed to transforming Arcadian society into a pure meritocracy. As part of this, it is necessary to evaluate all people when they come of age to determine their role in society. Through the trials, you will be sorted into one of nine Grades, which will determine where you live, work, and socialize.

Can I re-take the Trials if I am unhappy with my result?

In extreme circumstances you may appeal your result before a tribunal, who may determine that you may re-take the Trials. Please note that 99.5% of appeals are dismissed before even reaching the tribunal, so it would be prudent to assume that you will only have one attempt.

Dairy (I)[edit | edit source]

March 2nd, CY 1058

Dad bought me a journal and said I should start to use it, Went on and on about how he regretted not doing it. I give it about a week before I stop using it daily.

Today was fine. Average school day. Baryn is still being a jerk to me, for whatever reason. It's so weird -- we used to be so close, like best friends, but now all he does is pick on me. It's like, dude, I know. You don't have to tell me my failings, I know them better than anyone.

Mum says that boys go through some stupid phases when they're teenagers, so she reckons that's it. But why do I have to be the target?

Diary (II)[edit | edit source]

March 10th, CY 1058

Hey, diary! I finally found you! I was CERTAIN Erik had stolen you, but you'd fallen behind my desk. Whoops!

Not much of note happened while we were apart, but it's not like that stopped me before. I'm probably going to look back on this diary in 20 years time and be like, damn Ruby, you were boring as hell.

Katerina's stopped coming to study group as much. Apparently her dad's insisting she step up her training for the Trials -- she now has to train after school EVERY DAY! And her Trials are AFTER mine -- she's two months younger than me!

And, of course, I haven't even started training AT ALL, and I've only got 10 months to go. May Dad was right...

Diary (III)[edit | edit source]

April 12th, CY 1058

Finally gave in and had my first session with my Trials Tutor today. Yeesh, it was hard. I'm pretty good at the Frisbee and Drone, but I need tons of work on the Golf Club. When I told him I was aiming for Grade 4, he seemed a bit surprised. I guess the normally get people in there gunning for the higher Grades, but... I dunno. Grade 4 seems like a nice balance between having a good quality of life and not having the stupid heirs and graces of the elite Grades. And my life's been fine, so I wouldn't have any issues bringing my children up as a Grade 4.

Anyway, guess who I saw on the way out of the Trial Training Centre -- Baryn! I was so surprised. He always said he couldn't give two figs about the Trials -- his family are Grade 2s and very proud of it. As soon as our eyes met, his face completely changed -- I think he was embarrassed. I seriously don't get that dude anymore.

Diary (IV)[edit | edit source]

May 24th, CY 1058

Went dress shopping today for Katerina's birthday party. Mum and I went into this high-end dress shop that's meant for Grade 6 and aboves. I couldn't shake the feeling that the people in there were looking at us, wonder what these Grade 4s were doing in there.

A woman helped us out and I found a dress I like, but... holy moly it was expensive. Mum said that wages go up 50% per Grade, so it was over twice what we would normally pay for a dress. Mum looked a little worried, so I told her that we could call this my birthday present.

I'm probably still going to look a bit plain -- Katerina's family are Grade 7s after all -- but I couldn't expect Mum to get something that expensive. It's cool. I'm happy.

Diary (V)[edit | edit source]

January 7th, 1059

Oh diary. I'm sorry it's been so long. But I have SO MUCH drama to report.

I did my Trials... and I'm a Grade 5! I totally lucked out with the draw of which Toys of Legend I'd have to use, thank Fate (if he's still around), so I ended up scoring really well! I'm happy... well, I'm a bit sad that I'm going to have to move out of the area, because I don't really want to leave Mum. But there's a Grade 5 zone about an hour away, which isn't too far, so I'm going to apply to live there.

But that's not all... I has a run in with Baryn this morning. He did his Trials last month and got into Grade 4, which was great for him, and we became really friendly again. But when I saw him this morning and told him I got into Grade 5, he totally flew off the handle. He eventually admitted that he only tried to get into Grade 4 so that he could be with me -- but now that I'm higher, we won't be able to be together. I mean, I didn't even know he had feelings for me, but... when I heard that, suddenly I was really disappointed too.


Unrest[edit | edit source]

As we near the fiftieth anniversary of the Grade system, are the cracks beginning to show?

According to our sources, that's the topic du jour in the Imperial Administration. As we approach 40 years since the system's architect, Fate, was seen in public, the increasing outbursts of civil disobedience in the lower Grade zones seem to have a common spark: The Liberators. The group, which has begun claiming responsibility for the riots, is seeking its total abandonment. While the administration continues to support the system, which saw explicit social division into 'Grades' based on Trial achievements, those left at the bottom of the ladder -- and, indeed, many from the middle Grades too -- have been drawn to the Liberators and their message of social equality.

Liberation of Tritya[edit | edit source]

The Liberators today claimed independence for Tritya, the oldest colony of the Arcadian Empire.

A statement from the group's enigmatic leader, 'Firefox,' stated: 'Friends, this is a great day for our movement. After mobilizing support from the great populace, I have the great pleasure of announcing that Tritya is -- for the first time in almost a millennium -- once again its own individual state, having thrown off the shackles of Arcadian imperialism and its unfair Grade system. Fate has left us to rot, no matter what the administration claims, and it's time to take our destiny back into our own hands.'

The Liberators have long had a strong presence in Tritya, owing to the territory's majority Grade 1-3 population. 'It's little surprise that Tritya is the first to fall,' said Arcadian scholar Trissam Felcor. 'Its predominantly lower-Grade population is fertile soil in which to sow insurrection. But in truth, Tritya has always been a net drain on resources, so the Empire has lost little by chopping off this lame limb.'

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