Toy Upgrade

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Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Toy Upgrades can be obtained in numerous ways:

  • Chests in dungeons
  • Crates washed-up on the shoreline opened by Arfur
  • Townspeople prior to facing off against Mormo on the Final Day
  • Quest rewards
  • Sold by Snorkel, the cat merchant

Use[edit | edit source]

As the name implies, Toy Upgrades upgrade your Toys of Legend. Upgrade your Toys of Legend at the Toy Shop in Town. Upon using a Toy Upgrade on a Toy of Legend, the name of the upgraded toy with have a "+x" following the name where x is the number of Toy upgrades used on it. Toy upgrades carry through to the next play through.

Increases in toy level from badges is added with the upgrade level from previous runs. Example: if the a toy is upgraded +1 from a previous play through and you pick a badge that gives the toy +2, then the total will be +3 as long as your playing as that character from that badge.